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Our human resource management solutions measure the essential data employers need to make the best possible hiring, training, managing, and promoting decisions.  

Start with the best people

  • Jim Collins, in his best selling book "Good to Great," found that all great companies started with having great people. 

  • Peter Drucker estimates that as many as 2/3 of hiring decisions may be mistakes. Most employee hiring decisions are made with inadequate information.

Expensive Turnover Poor job fit
Hit and miss hiring practices Poor work ethic
Ineffective managers Substandard productivity
High absenteeism Poor responses to stress and conflict
Poor customer service Dishonest employees
Inadequate team development

What if you are able to get the information you need to know and can compare it to profiles of your top performers before tendering a job offer and making a hiring mistake?

Employee Hiring and Selection
Cognitive Abilities, Behavior Traits, Occupational Interests
360 Degree Feedback
Leadership Development, Management Competency
Pre employment Screening Assessments
Integrity, Reliability, Work Ethic, Internet Abuse, Data Theft
Customer Service Employee Selection
Proficiencies, Customer Service, Behaviors
Sales Hiring & Selection
Sales Drive, Closing Sales, Call Reluctance, Prospecting
Key Performance Indicator Tools
Quality of Work, Problem Solving, Motivation, Initiative

Team Building Assessments

Team Balance, Strengths, Weaknesses, Team Action Plan

eTraining Management and Development
Online, Self Pace, Competency Training System
Organizational Management Analysis
Corporate Management Feedback, Training

Assessment products deliver value as well as accurate and timely service from a team of professionals. Your personalized online Virtual Assessment Center will offer you assessment tools that are proven, validated in the workplace, and deliver unparalleled results. We invite you to join our growing number of very satisfied clients.


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