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Typically, (experienced) salespeople don't want to attend training. When they do, the first thing they hear is "if you get one thing out of this class, it will have been worth your time" - they have higher expectations then that. When they return from training, all they can talk about is the entertaining instructor. You've tried e-learning, books, audio and video tapes and still haven't seen a measurable improvement in performance. 

Now you are asking yourself "why is Sales Acumen better, and how will it make a difference to my sales team and me?"

salespeople want to learn from the best

Simply put, Sales Acumen is as much about how you train as what you train. We start with the fact that salespeople are adults, and want to be treated that way. They want to learn from someone who has "been there, done that." They want the training to have direct impact on improving their performance. It makes a difference.


If you are committed to increasing performance by enabling demonstrable skills in your sales force, then Sales Acumen is for you. 

timeless sales principles

Sales Acumen is based on training principles, and principles do not change over time. 

  • Participants start their training with the attitude that they have something valuable to personally gain from the time they are investing.

  • World-class techniques close the skills gap.

  • Focus majority of time on practice and feedback.

  • Support from a sales management system that integrates training with performance reviews and forecasting.

These effective learning principles, when paired with our course curriculum or, with our services that integrate our methodology into your in-house training programs, yield powerful results—improving the behavior and performance of the workshop participants. 

adults want to be treated as adults

True learning takes place when you do things the right way. We know a good deal about what helps people learn. People will learn faster and better when they:

  • Want to learn

  • Know why it is important for them to learn

  • Believe that what they will learn will help them in real ways

  • Are in a supportive environment and are free from threat

  • Feel good about themselves and feel able to learn what is expected of them

  • Are provided the information they are to learn in several different ways

  • Learn by doing the task

  • Have a chance to practice what they have learned

  • Are given feedback on their performance

  • Are praised when doing things well

Adult Learning



Facts about how adults learn

  • 10% of what they read

  • 20% of what they hear

  • 30% of what they see

  • 50% of what they see and hear

  • 70% of what they talk over with others

  • 80% of what they use and do in real life

  • 95% of what they teach someone else to do


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