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Dance like 

there's nobody watching,

sell like

you've never heard no. 

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It's easy to make a buck.

It's a lot tougher

to make a difference.


When you have Sales Acumen...



about us

Lenny Steinberg is building an organization that great companies want to work with, and great people want to work for. We’ve leveraged our successful sales, sales management, and sales training experience to assist you in improving sales performance through: 

  • selection of new hires that match the characteristics of you top performers, 

  • training the customer-facing sales team, and 

  • putting in place a management mechanism that insures smooth, predictable sales progress.

The Credo of Sales Acumen

  • Make your customer successfulwhen your solutions exactly meet your customer's needs, they succeed and you succeed. 

  • Take the guesswork out of sellingget the information you need to eliminate hiring mistakes and deliver predictable results. 

  • Break the 80/20 ruleby hiring people who have the characteristics of your top performers, and meeting their specific development needs, you'll get optimal productivity from the top 80% of the sales team. 

  • Use a mechanism that preserves the core and stimulates progressa system that insures sales progress smoothly and results in maximum profits for both the customer and yourself. 

This is a methodology we teach and instill in our clients, and is one we live by through the solutions we providewe walk the talk.

Core competency, our genetic code

Every great company understands what they can be best in the world atthe circle determined by their core competency. It's not how big the circle is, it's how well defined the edges are. Our core competency is to be a resource for sales management success. We are "wired" for it. We have a passion for it. It provides us with great emotional and monetary rewards.

We have leveraged our experience and deep understanding of sales and sales management to provide a complete solution for the hiring, development and management of a GREAT sales team.

  • Acumen in sales, business, industry, Global 2000 and public sector accounts, financial, technical, communication, relationships, and problem-solving; 

  • Ability to listen, learn, and assess needs, and develop customized solutions solutions that exactly meet those needs;

  • Adapt solutions to meet available time and financial constraints;

  • Research and select world-class partners that have key portions of the complete solution;

  • Leverage experience and adult learning methods that results in mutual respect at all levels of the organization.

We are students of great sales organizations—how they grow, how they attain superior performance, and how good companies can become great companies. We have developed fundamental insights and translated findings into sales curriculums and consulting engagements. 

We build strategic partnerships with progressive companies. We improve our clients' businesses through challenging projects that improve sales performance in significant and measurable ways.  Our goal is always to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship, with both our clients, partners, and our associates. 


If you would like to discuss your project or have any questions:

email: info@salesacumen.com

(714) 612-1511

Sales Acumen

1781 Capetown Circle

Costa Mesa, CA 92627 


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