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Take the Guesswork Out of Selling

Helping Sales Management Succeed

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Even companies with a clearly superior product line know that their products will not sell themselves. 

To meet the today's challenges, you need to preserve your core and stimulate progresscontinue the use of your proven hiring, training, and managing methods, but add the appropriate use of technology, and mechanisms that take the guesswork out of selling and provides predictable results.

  • Hiring people with the characteristics of your top performers, 

  • Identifying the customer facing organizations' sales development needs,

  • Providing the training that furthers your customer relationships, leaving nothing to chance,

  • Managing the sales process with an effective and disciplined mechanism.


If you are committed to a consultative sales approach that results in profitable sales growth, then Sales Acumen is for you. 

How can you hire people that have the capacity to be the best in your industry, ones that have the characteristics of your top performers?

Every client touch point (salespeople, telemarketing, customer and field service personnel, administrators, management, and partners) has an opportunity to increase or diminish the customer relationship. 

Your core recruiting and selection mechanisms provides access to an increased pool of applicants through online services (like HotJobs or Dice), and efficiently identifies candidates based on a sophisticated screening process. Then the games begingetting the information you need to select the right candidate (people who are like your top 20% performers).

The appropriate use of technology will identify key qualities for sales people such as competitiveness, persistence, and sales drive and predicts critical sales behaviors including call reluctance, prospecting, and closing sales. Having this information, which would not be available from any other source, is a critical success factor in selecting the right people for your team.

By focusing on understanding and objectively measuring core competencies, behaviors, and interest in companies and industries, you insure applicants fit the job the first time, helping you avoid costly mistakes. More>

How do you train your customer-facing employees to have a business perspective that focuses on their customers' success? 

Today, buyers will only invest in solutions that provide an adequate return on investment. Without a return, what you are selling has a cost, an expense. A solution without a return always "costs to much." The sales organization that understands their customers' issues and desired results, adds value through the sales process. They create solutions that exactly match their customers' needs and help their customers' succeed. 

To meet the varied development needs, we use a combination of core training programs from Miller Heiman, and specialized workshops that are customized for optimum relevance to the mix of attendees. All workshops use the Adult Learning Method to open the mind to learning. Leveraging the instructors real-world experience in exercises and role-plays, reinforces the newly acquired skills and results in a permanent and positive change in behavior and performance. More>

The best companies treat their sales management system as a strategic asset. 

The great companies understand that their employees are their most important assets. They guard their management practices as closely as they guard any other intellectual capitalthey understand management practices to be a vehicle that enables them to attract the top performers in their industries, and enable their success.

The sales process does not progress smoothly. A communication and coaching forum must be available. There is a constant need to allocate company resources. Sales predictability must be maintained. 

The great companies have level 5 leaders and a management mechanism that enables them to realize their full potential. More>

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