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At the core of every great selling organization is sales process and strategy, which defines how you want to talk to customers. At Miller Heiman, we've been refining this process for the past 25 years. Today, this process is responsible for winning more business throughout the world than any other sales process.

What makes the Miller Heiman sales process unique? It's simple, intuitive, and it works. It provides a common language and an honest, straightforward approach to selling. From the executive suite, to sales management, to reps in the field, the entire selling organization is unified by a process that prepares you to win. With your bases covered, you leave nothing to chance. You learn to see the sale from the customers' perspective. Understanding their world, you create solutions where both the buyer and the seller win and build relationships that provide future opportunities.

The Miller Heiman sales process addresses every aspect of sales, from a customer communication strategy for every customer interaction, to negotiations, and account management.

Like you, were are sales leaders. We've run our own sales organizations, managed sales training initiatives, and have been on the front-lines. We are experts at helping companies institutionalize the Miller Heiman sales process so that every individual is consistently using the process for winning business.

New customer demands and expectations are requiring sales organizations to evolve their sales strategy. No longer can sales organizations rely on being transactional order-takers. Sales professionals must understand their customer's problems on a whole new level and collaboratively develop solutions for solving those problems.

For the past 26 years, Miller Heiman has been developing the science of successful selling. We believe how you talk to customers is the key, defining factor, which ultimately defines sales effectiveness. Whether it's developing a plan for finding new opportunities, making great sales calls, or winning new opportunities from existing accounts, Miller Heiman sales processes provide the consistency and common language required to increase sales results

What makes the Miller Heiman sales process unique? It's simple, intuitive, and it works.   


Executive Impact SM

Learn to access and win the approval of senior-level decision makers.


Strategic Selling® 

The strategy and planning required to manage complex opportunities.


Funnel Scorecard SM 

Targeting the best opportunities and the right selling activities in every opportunity.


Conceptual Selling® 

Make great sales calls that keep opportunities moving forward.


Large Account Management Process SM (LAMP®) 

Win more business with your current key accounts.


Negotiate Success SM 

Learn a strategic negotiations framework.


Channel Partner Management SM 

Develop win-win strategies with partners for increased sales results.


Manager's Coaching SM 

Fully leverage the impact of Miller Heiman processes, from forecasting to reinforcement.


Selling Fundamentals SM 

Delivers a combination of assessment and competency development.

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Workshop Package:
Instructor-Led Training + Online Reinforcement

Most popular among recent Miller Heiman alumni, this package combines Miller Heiman’s sales training workshops with online reinforcement, increasing retention and effectiveness of Miller Heiman’s sales processes.

» Quick Start Package:
Online Training + Instructor-Led Training + Online Reinforcement

Get a head start with an online training program that introduces the concepts of Miller Heiman's proven sales process without leaving the field. Then, attend an instructor-led workshop for a special rate when you attend within six months. Complete your training experience with online reinforcement to further strengthen your effectiveness at using the Miller Heiman sales process


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