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Dance like 

there's nobody watching,

sell like

you've never heard no. 

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It's easy to make a buck.

It's a lot tougher

to make a difference.


One Day Rejuvenation Program



Just What the Doctor Ordered

Helping Sales Management Succeed

  • Are you finding it harder to do business with new customers?

  • Is the sales cycle getting longer?

  • Are you still celebrating when you win an opportunity?

  • Are salespeople taking shortcuts?

  • Are sales commissions lower than they were a year ago?

  • Are salespeople lowering their career goals?

  • Do salespeople downplay success when someone offers them praise?

  • How does the sales team feel when someone on the team wins - was it  because they were lucky?

You know the sales team thrives on momentum. How can you get things back on-track quickly? 


Sales pressures continually weigh on your sales team. Even the joy of winning a big sale can dissipate all to quickly. You can try to pump the team up with off-site meetings and a night out, but you may find that the discussion quickly turns to what's bothering them, not how to get back out in the right frame of mind. 

In our extensive experience, what salespeople need in "times of trouble" is an inner strength they can draw on. An understanding of their situation and a confidence that they can deal with it and beat it. 

Knowledge is power. Drawing a extensive experience and a play book that has ultimate flexibility, facilitators will lead the sales team back to a level of top performance by actively confronting the issues, and providing the tools and techniques to deal with them.

Why you should attend?

The Rejuvenation Workshop is designed for sales team members who face relentless sales pressures, and must succeed in their face. Your answers to the questions above are telling you your team can benefit by attending a rejuvenation workshop.

How the sales team member and their organization will benefit? 

This workshop will lift the sales teams spirits, not through artificial hype of feel good moments, but by getting out the "real" issues that are weighing on the team and empowering them to deal confidently with them.

Each workshop will be customized to meet the specific requirements of the participants.

When should you schedule a rejuvenation workshop?

  • Regular sales meetings

  • Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual all hands meetings

  • Partner sales meetings

  • New product or service rollouts

  • New team manager

  • Team retreat, off-site meeting

  • Top performers recognition club

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