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Dance like 

there's nobody watching,

sell like

you've never heard no. 

Click here for details on the FREE Sales Training Pilot Program

It's easy to make a buck.

It's a lot tougher

to make a difference.


FREE Training Pilot Program



Free Sales Training Pilot Program

Helping Sales Management Succeed

To provide you with an example of the impact and benefits of increasing sales acumen, we will conduct a FREE one-hour workshop with your sales team or sales management team.


There are a myriad of sales training options from which to choose. We think the best way to find out if a program is right for you is to preview it in a pilot program. We will conduct a one-hour pilot in person or via webcast. This should ideally take place during a sales team meeting or a sales manager meeting.

Why you should attend?

Anyone looking for real-world training to deal with the real-world issues the sales team is facing will benefit from this pilot program. 

  • Create customer value during the sales process,

  • Present clearly, concisely, confidently, and credibly,

  • Simply and powerfully enunciate your value proposition,

  • Discover and prioritize customer issues,

  • Uncover the decision-making process, people and criteria,

  • Resolve problems, confusion, misunderstanding or concerns,

  • Quantify the solution's value and ROI,

  • Qualify the opportunity’s funding, time and personnel resources,

  • Develop solutions that exactly meet client requirements,

  • Make your customers more successful,

  • Take the guesswork out of selling.

How the sales team member and their organization will benefit? 

As a result of the the pilot training program, the sales team will have identified training opportunities that can accelerate their sales success. They will gain an understanding of the activities of the sales cycle, and how to use each to accomplish a successful sale. The sales team will be able to contrast the approach, material, and facilitator's capabilities to other training that they are considering, and determine their optimal training partner and the value they bring.

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