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Find salespeople who have what it takes to succeed in your fast paced, competitive environment. 

The five key things to consider when looking for the right people. video clip

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to find salespeople who can actually sell consistently year after year? 

Our research in working with hundreds of thousands of salespeople all over the world has proven that the selling profession requires qualities that not everyone has. The high turnover of salespeople in so many organizations simply reveals the difficulties in the sales hiring and selection processes. 

Start with the best people video clip

  • Jim Collins, in his best selling book "Good to Great," found that all great companies had great people. He also notes how hard it is to make the correct hiring decisions, noting that even the great make hiring mistakes.

  • Peter Drucker estimates that as many as 2/3 of hiring decisions may be mistakes, because most employee hiring decisions are made with inadequate information.

What if you are able to get the information you need and compare it to profiles of your top performers before tendering a job offer and making a hiring mistake?

The ROI of reduced turnover and better performance is compelling. The reason for high turnover is that approximately half the people hired for sales jobs should not have been hired; they had absolutely no chance of being successful. Only about a third of those with a chance for a successful sales career will achieve their potential because their skills are never properly developed or they are trying to sell the wrong product or service. 

What if all of your sales candidates had the characteristics of your top performers? video clip

The Profiles Sales Indicator is helping companies around the world identify sales people with the potential and experience for extraordinary success. When hiring salespeople, the objective is to hire only those who have the characteristics of your top performers. The challenge is to find an instrument that can assess those critical characteristics with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Profiles Sales Indicator assesses five key qualities for sales people such as competitiveness, persistence, and sales drive. 

  • It predicts seven critical sales behaviors including call reluctance, prospecting, and closing sales. 

  • Comprehensive reports give you an inside view of your existing salespeople, as well as sales candidates, to let you know those most likely to perform up to your expectations. 

  • Profiles Sales Indicator will also help you easily customize your sales training program to maximize the experience for each sales person.

The wrong people can't be motivated to do the right thing video clip

Client Comments

"The Profile XT and Profiles Sales Indicator Assessments have enabled our company to benchmark the performance standards in our sales executives so that we can strive to hire the best most productive candidates in the shortest amount of time. It saves us about $45,000 each time we can avoid hiring the wrong person. In addition, the Internet application with onscreen administration, instant analysis and report generation makes administration very easy and efficient."

- Howard Falkow, Director of Human Resources

Sales Assessment

Profiles Sales Indicator sales assessment is a tool for selecting, managing, and training salespeople. It measures five key qualities of successful salespeople and predicts performance in seven critical sales behaviors.

Technical Specs:

Solves these challenges: Poor Sales Production, Inability to Prospect Effectively, Customer Call Reluctance, Failure to Close Sales

Used For: Placement, Promotion Fit, Succession Planning, Coaching, and Self Improvement

Measures: Five key qualities that make successful salespeople. Predicts performance in seven critical sales behaviors.

Areas Measured: Persistence, Self Reliance, Energy, Sales Drive, Competence, Prospecting, Closing Sales, Call Reluctance, Self Starting, Teamwork, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Compensation Preference

Time to Take: 15 - 20 minutes

Administration: Online or Pencil / Paper

Report Types: 2 Different Reports

Results Turnaround: Immediately

Additional Assessment Solutions 

The Profile™

The Profile XT™ is a multi-purpose assessment that is used for selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning. It is a powerful and dynamic management tool that employs 21st Century technology to put the right people in the right jobs. It is administered on the Internet and reports are immediately available.

Profiles Step One Survey II™ a scientifically designed assessment tool that evaluates job applicants for integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. The SOS II empowers you with a structured system to objectively obtain better information, identify the best candidates, and conduct better interviews.
Profile Sales Indicator

Profiles Sales Indicator™ is a tool for selecting, managing, and training salespeople. It measures five key qualities of successful salespeople and predicts performance in seven critical sales behaviors. Using the Profiles Sales Indicator to build and develop a sales organization can result in record-breaking productivity, retention of top performers, and exceptional profitability.
Profiles Performance Indicator

Profiles Performance Indicator™ measures five key personality factors and their impact on seven critically important aspects of success in business. The report helps you understand how an individual is effectively understood, motivated, and managed. It is economical and is quick to take, making it the ideal choice for your business.
Customer Service Perspective

Profiles Customer Service Perspective™ is a tool for making sure everyone in your company is on the customer service team. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a thoughtless remark on the phone or inattention to a customer's needs can result in the loss of business. Everyone needs to be concerned with customer service.
Employee Background Check

Employee Background Check™ is an information service that verifies job applicants’ resume data, checks driving records, and examines criminal history to reduce the risk of negligent hiring liability.
Checkpoint 360º

Profiles Checkpoint™ is a powerful professional development tool, that positively impacts an individual’s growth and career, and an organization’s success. For managers, supervisors, and others in leadership positions, it can facilitate peak performance that generates improved productivity. CheckPoint quantifies a participant’s competencies, verifies the results from a variety of perspectives, and identifies ways to enhance skills.

The Checkpoint Skillbuilder Series™ consists of 18 self-paced, self-improvement programs designed to help managers improve their performance. The Skillbuilder Series is a companion to the Checkpoint 360° Competency Feedback System, offering managers the opportunity to develop the competencies that are most important to their professional growth and success. Available exclusively on the Internet.
Profile Team Analysis

Profiles Team Analysis™ makes team building both challenging and rewarding. Effective teams achieve results far beyond what individuals could accomplish on their own. But team building is far more than putting a group of people together and hoping for the best. This system reports the attributes of each team member, shows the team’s strengths and alerts the team leader to potential problems.
Organizational Management Analysis

The Organizational Management Analysis™ is a summary of the data from all of the individual CheckPoint 360° feedback reports from a selected group. It verifies individual alignment with the corporate vision, mission, purpose, and strategic goals. This analysis aids in charting a course to achieve organizational goals with purpose, clarity, and certainty.

Assessment products deliver value as well as accurate and timely service from a team of professionals. Your personalized online Virtual Assessment Center will offer you assessment tools that are proven, validated in the workplace, and deliver unparalleled results. We invite you to join our growing number of very satisfied clients.

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